Creating a Professional Learning Network

CreateaPLNNow is your opportunity to join us for #CreateaPLN Challenge!  The goal of the Challenge is to expose each participant to technologically-based opportunities for professional networking.   During the next month, participants will be building their Professional Learning Networks by connecting with other educators around the world.  These new connections will challenge participants to think more deeply about education, technology, and how individuals relate to one another.

Below are some comments from previous participants:

From Micahel Defant, @mrdefant:  Don’t be afraid to try new things to grow as an educator.

From Hana Kim, @LOLearningSMU:  This PLN Challenge gave me fresh eyes to use blogs, Pinterest, and Twitter for educational purposes.

From Erika Wilson, @live02learn:  Challenges aren’t meant to conquer alone. Networking and connecting to the many different professionals has brought me to a completely different outlook.

From Heather Robertson, @her07fsu:  When we began the challenge I was skeptical as to how Twitter would help me connect to other educators and build my network. I thought Twitter was simply to follow celebrities and receive updates about them. I soon learned from this challenge that many professional educators were on twitter posting valuable information. I’m discovering new blogs and resources that pose information that will be useful to me as I continue my career. I’m now excited when I find that the authors of the online resources I use have twitter accounts. If they publish content that I find relevant I may want to explore other ideas and information that they have to share.  As teachers we want to be able to be just as accepting of new uses and ideas as we would like are student to be. I’m glad I kept an open mind about exploring ways to connect.

Join #CreateaPLN Challenge by following this link.  We look forward to growing our PLN and to connecting with you!

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6 Responses to Creating a Professional Learning Network

  1. Kendal Seeman says:

    This was a challenging assignment, yet it opened my eyes to the different ways social medias can benefit teachers in the classroom and when they are creating their lesson plans. I will be applying what I learned in the future.

  2. MISTY BARLAN says:

    This challenge was somewhat difficult especially learnist, but i think the challenge was more about balancing homework and making time to do the assignment challenges. i have learned quite a bit from each one, and especially what works, and does not. I will definately keep following to see where each blog takes me as i continue on becoming an educator.

  3. Jennifer Rippey says:

    I had ups and downs during this challenge. I am more comfortable with many of the different platforms that we used during this challenge. I am going to keep working at expanding the connections that I make with others both near and far. This is a way to expand what we are doing as educators and where we can go with others. Interesting challenge overall and plenty gained.

  4. Amy Norton says:

    Some parts of this challenge I really liked and some parts I really did not care for. I really liked finding different blogs to follow because I was able to see what math teachers are doing and what they found works and what did not work. I also liked using learnist over pinterest becuase I think even though pinterest has a lot of cool information and projects for elementary students I do not think middle and high school students can benefit as much. Where as learnist has a lot more educations resources that can be used in those classes. I think need I have had a hard time getting on twitter all the time, especailly since most of the educators I follow have a blog that I sometimes read. I think after this challenge and once I start teaching, I can see myself still following blogs and using learnist to get good ideas to keep math interesting for my students.

  5. Ahna says:

    I was apprehensive to begin this challenge. I was unsure if I was ready to delve into the world of twitter. It has turned out to be a tremendous experience. Not only does social media allow a person to connect with other educators, but it provides users with pertinent up to date news and information relating to the education field that is important to be aware of.

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